Welcome to Birmingham

Birmingham is a modern, connected city that lies right at the centre of the UK’s motorway network enabling easy access to the rest of the UK. Its main train station is the UK’s largest interchange rail station and it also has one of the most accessible international airports in Europe. So getting here really is simple!

Once you’re here, Birmingham is a city of culture and heritage with a dynamic energy that truly offers something for everyone. From Birmingham Royal Ballet and international art collections to premiership football and international cricket, world-class theatre to world-class cuisine, the city is a great European destination. With one of the youngest populations in the world and a track record of bringing together great minds to develop ideas, share inspiration and drive change, Birmingham is the place to be for innovation.

Top 5 things you need to know

  1. 80% of the UK population can reach Birmingham in 90 minutes
  2. There are over 6,200 hotel rooms within walking distance of the ICC
  3. The city is home to five Michelin-starred restaurants
  4. Birmingham has a vibrant cultural scene offering arts, music and theatre
  5. A number one sporting destination for athletics, cricket, football & tennis

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Take a look at what’s right on the ICC’s doorstep…

The ICC’s prime location in the heart of the city centre means visitors are in the perfect position to sample all that Birmingham has to offer. With everything from museums housing over 500,000 pieces of art in the city centre and UK’s oldest working art deco cinema, to impressive shopping malls, culinary delights and exciting theatres, time in Birmingham will be very well spent, both in and out of the meeting room.

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Suggestions from a local

Birmingham is such a vibrant and diverse city – there’s always something going on. Here are a few of my favourite things to do in Birmingham city centre. 

Host at the ICC


That’s Birmingham’s motto; it’s even on our coat of arms. Birmingham is in the midst of a hugely ambitious and far-reaching development that will support sustainable growth, offer new and improved public spaces, pedestrianise many streets and focus on cultural life at the heart of the city.

These changes are designed to benefit both visitors and locals and are the result of Birmingham’s Big City Plan, which was launched in 2010 and laid out how the city should be built for the future. And with the youngest population in Europe, a thriving inward investment programme and record visitor numbers, the UK’s second largest city needs a future facing infrastructure to match that further enhances the dynamism of the city.
Check out these developments recently opened and currently in build in Birmingham.