Accredited by RaisingNutrition

We recognise that a diet rich in a variety of nourishing, fresh foods is fundamental to good health, well-being and everyday performance. 

That’s why we’re the first events venue to work with RaisingNutrition, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising nutrition standards and building knowledge within the catering industry.  We are currently working with the RaisingNutrition team to build on our sustainable food strategy by incorporating a greater focus on nutrition to ensure our catering supports delegate’s health, wellbeing, and productivity, both during the conference attended and beyond. This includes developing staff knowledge on nutrition through enhanced training, redesigning purchasing and menu development processes, and developing communications to help further promote and encourage healthier options. 

We are extremely proud that we became the first UK venue to achieve RaisingNutrition accreditation in February 2024. Find out more here

Here's some of the ways we are raising nutrition within our business: 


Key colleagues have undertaken training in nutrition to ensure we have the knowledge and understanding of key principles to support customer interactions and inform client choice.


The nutritional value of every product is considered at the point of purchase, with products that are minimally processed prioritised every time. Food is sourced within a 30-mile radius of the venue, ensuring food is as fresh and high in nutrition as possible.

Menu Creation

All set menu proposals are designed to optimise fruit and vegetable intake, promoting the target of 5+ portions a day (where one portion is equal to 80g). We have doubled our vegan and plant-rich offering since 2020 and have had over 100 of our vegan dishes accredited by the Vegetarian Society. We have also worked to ensure appropriate portion sizes, especially with HFSS/foods high in sugar, and increased the amount of menu items rich in probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health.


We have changed how food and drink choices are displayed, communicated, and promoted to make healthier choices more accessible and appealing.


We have ensured better marketing and communication within the client and delegate journey to explain the importance of offering and/or selecting nutritious choices within a conference setting.


We have worked to reduce salt consumption by 25% across our menus by ensuring a maximum amount of 1g of salt per person in each recipe. In addition, we’ve introduced processes to ensure menus provide an appropriate balance of protein-rich foods, wholegrains, a wealth of vegetables (or fruit) and healthy fats while also increasing the amount of items rich in probiotics and prebiotics to support digestive health.