HR Directors Summit 2017

  • Date: Tuesday 31st January & Wednesday 1st February 2017
  • Delegates: c.1,000
  • Space used: Halls 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8, Media Suite, Executive Meeting Rooms 1, 2, 5 & 6

About the client

The HR Directors Summit brings together senior HR Directors from around the globe for two days of intense networking with colleagues and industry solution providers.

The objective

To host the 15th annual HR Directors Summit using the ICC’s in-house production team for all event production with a strong brief to showcase the business’ new branding.

The event managers were as personally involved with this event as I was to ensure that everything went smoothly - Michella Oswald, Senior Events Manager for HR Directors Summit

Why the ICC?

Michella Oswald, Senior Events Manager for HR Directors Summit, explains:

“There aren’t many venues that can beat the ICC on space or could accommodate the size of the conference we have or the number of break-out rooms we need. This was the first year we did everything in-house with the ICC in terms of signage, technology and catering. The event managers I worked with at the ICC were as personally involved with this event as I was to ensure that everything went smoothly.”

New for 2017

Andy Harrison, the ICC Production Manager on the event said, “Having already provided background technical support in previous years, we were asked to take full control of the technical delivery for the whole event whilst introducing new concepts, and this was the most important aspect for us. To maximise the use of space and create more networking opportunities we created a ‘silent conference’, where the delegates wear headphones and listen to the presentation. They are still in the same room as everyone and can soak up the atmosphere but can listen to a presentation undisturbed.”

Michella added, “Andy introduced me to the exciting new lighting and LED screens technology the ICC has in-house. This was something we had never used before but it made the stage and set look amazing and supported our brand. It looked fantastic as everyone walked in.”

Andy explains, “A new lighting design was put together using the latest in industry techniques and specialist lamps to take the company branding and corporate image and present them in a new and exciting format bringing the event to the next level using a stylish lectern with built in LED back light and an effect created at the rear of the stage using light to create projected images and logos. We built stage sets in the breakout sessions to make everything look more professional and to add to the impact of their new brand.”

The success

Michella has glowing praise for the team saying, “I would say the ICC has one of the best venue teams I have ever worked with in my ten-year event career, so having a team like that behind you that is invested in your event being as successful as it can be is important. I really appreciated the help and support I got from the team before and during the event, not to mention all the personal investment the team made. Not just the event managers but the guys on the doors welcoming our delegates, the catering staff. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and they are there to help us. It’s not very easy to find a group of staff that are so proud of the work they do. We had a lot of incredible feedback. Lots of people said it was the best event they had attended in years and that they are looking forward to coming back next year.”